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Campaign: Elements

Images as Time/Date Data

Widgets like Beautiful/Fancy Widgets, or MIUI lockscreens, use images to represent elements of time, date, etc. It'd be neat to integrate a similar function in Chrono. so that times and dates could be displayed with more effects possible than text editing alone. Highly stylized flip clocks like this would be possible. :) http://melissapugs.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4fhhax

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Campaign: Editor

Import/export macro-elements

The idea would be to be able to store and reuse coherent sets of elements (like hour+separator+minutes, or weather picture + location + description + min/max/mid temp). This way design can be mixed more easily (right now it is relatively easy to do outside of phone app, just by opening the XML file) and will encourage good design of themes (encapsulation of connected elements within a frame, stack or canvas, instead of ...more »

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Campaign: Elements

add time zone to time elements

an optional time zone (numeric offset, or maybe by region if android API allows for it) could be added to time elements (both current numeric times, or possible future analog clock). This would allows for world clock designs (2 clocks with different time zone, quite handy when you travel or communicate a lot with distant peoples)

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